Client Testimonials

Cindy Bradley
Newspaper In Education/Sponsorship Coordinator 

“Ann has an easy & calm technique to her teaching, making everyone feel comfortable and yet curious to learn more. I was fascinated by the 7 Chakras & how they physically and mentally affect your life on a daily basis if you are just aware.

I had done yoga for many years, but had never thought of the human energy system & I left the class refreshed, walking taller & feeling more confident in my own skin. It was my first experience, but I would recommend it to anyone with a sense of adventure & learning.”

Julia McDonald LMT, Certified Yoga Instructor

“I am a massage therapist and yoga instructor. For years I’ve held a vague sense of ‘energy’ relating to myself and my clients. Ann’s classes have given me a practical framework for this sense. With a more concrete understanding of the human energy system, I now use energy awareness as a tool for healing in my professional and personal life.”

Mark Pressler

“Having had some experience with energy work through my training and employment as a massage therapist, the subject of Ann’s class was not entirely new. The material was, however, presented in such a way that I felt I was learning it anew. Ann’s instruction was thorough, covering many aspects of the whole energy system, and the inner workings of chakras and aural fields. She presented the material in such a way as to engage new students, yet still provide additional learning for those with some experience, and including both equally. My understanding of the whole system was increased, and made me want to schedule my first energy work session. Thanks, Ann.”

Erica Porter

“After a bad car accident I was blessed to know Ann and she performed energy sessions. It not only brings peace in traumatizing situations, but it can be helpful to continue on a journey of self awareness that can provide a sense of understanding of where oneself is today and lead you to a more satisfying place tomorrow. Feels powerful like a workout but better – no sweating! These experiences with energy healing have allowed me to be more in tune with my own business and lifestyle.”