Coaching and Energy Healing Sessions

Looking for insight and clarity?
Longing to recover your lost or injured instincts?
Schedule One-to-One Coaching and Energy Healing Sessions

Thrive and Flourish as you receive intuitive and compassionate support. Your deep and true connection with your inherent wholeness and innate wisdom is acknowledged and supported with compassion and faith as in these sessions.

Clarity and insights are uncovered as you re-discover your courage, confidence and true sense of love and belonging.

It is natural in time of uncertainty and change to feel your energy caught up in worry, fear, anger, sadness, loss, bitterness or confusion. You may also be feeling scattered, frantic or spinning.

As a Certified Life Coach and energy practitioner with respect for your unique journey, Ann Dionne intuitively attunes to your energy as it moves through you, supporting the process of re-directing this energy so you have it where you need it – with yourself – to help bring about freedom from inhibiting patterns that have kept you tied to suffering and disappointment.

60 minute coaching/healing session:  $125
Extended sessions are available.

Let’s talk

Contact Healing Instincts to schedule your complimentary 15 minute phone session to make sure this program is the right fit for you.

These sessions are either in office, or with many years of practice in long distance sessions, Ann is able to connect with you regardless of location, and so is available for sessions via phone or Skype.